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Pail Mobile Milking Machine Price, Milker Milking Machine HL-JN10 Cow Milking Machine Applications:A. Cow milking machine suits cows, goats and sheep;B. Cow milking machine spare parts need change yearly;C. Cow milking machine suits dairy farms and household;D. Cow milking machine suits the r

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Pail Mobile Milking Machine Price, Milker Milking Machine

HL-JN10 Cow Milking Machine Applications:
A. Cow milking machine suits cows, goats and sheep;
B. Cow milking machine spare parts need change yearly;
C. Cow milking machine suits dairy farms and household;
D. Cow milking machine suits the retailers from different countries;

HL-JN10 Cow Milking Machine Competitive Advantages:
1. Cow milking machine is one portable milking equipment, suitable for cows, goats and sheep.
2. Cow milking machine is easy to move and operate.
3. Cow milking machine could customize voltage to meet different clients requirements.
4. Cow milking machine has one year guarranty and technical supporting in whole life.

HL-JN10 Cow Milking Machine Price Descriptions:
    Components of bucket Cow Milking Machine with one stainless steel milking buckets:
    A. milking units(milking bucket, milking liner, teat cup shell, milking claw, milking pulsator etc.)
    B. 250L vacuum pump(oil pot, silencer, belt, pulley etc.)
    HL-JN10 Cow Milking Machine  is simillar with the mobile milking machines, could be used to milk cows, goats and sheep, just changing the milking cluster group.The milking bucket quantity could be from 1 to 16. The milking time is different between cow and goat, for each cow, the milking time need about 5 - 6 minutes, for goats, the time will be shorter. This type machine is an ideal portable milker for small cow barns and goats breeding farms. It could help people saving time and cost, because one worker could operate 6-8 milking buckets. One set pail bucket milking machine could be installed the electric motor and diesel or gasoline engine, when the electricity is off, the diesel, or gasoline enginee could drive the milking machine.
    The milk bucket for the pail milking machine could use the transparent milk bucket to replace. With 25 litre and 32 litre transparent milk bucket for chosing, both of them has the scale, could measure the milk directly when farms milk.

Specifications of HL-JN10 Cow Milking Machine:

Item Pail Cow Milking Machine
Milking Time5-6 min/cow
Pulsator Frequency60-80 times per minutes
Voltage240V / 50-60Hz
Power2.2kw to 5.5kw
Pump Capacity550L,850L,1500L
Bucket Quantitiesbuckets can be added more(1pcs to 10pcs)
Milking Clusetr Group1 set to 10sets
Worker1 or more
Usagedairy cow farms

Short Details of HL-JN10 Cow Milking Machine:
1. HL-JN10 cow milking machine
2. pail Cow milking machine for dairy cows
3. 240 voltage, 50 - 60Hz
4. with techincal supporting

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